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Stonewood strives to make stone installation in your home as smooth and stress-free as possible.  It can be done quickly and easily, thanks to our experienced staff.  We'll guide you through the entire process, from the initial estimate, to installation, and everything in between to ensure you’re satisfied with the end product. For an in-depth breakdown of our process, please review the detailed walk-through below.  




Please click on our easy to use link below to measure your kitchen, which then helps us give you your free estimate quickly and stress free.  If you’re not ready to “do it yourself” then give us a call!  We will set up an appointment to come to your home, measure your counters and give you an estimate.  Our trained staff always comes prepared to answer any questions you may have.

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Once you accept the estimate and are ready to commit to the project, we then require a 50% deposit to reserve or secure your material and schedule the template of your cabinet(s).



In preparation for your template appointment, please make sure all items to be installed/mounted on or adjacent to the countertop are on-site at the time of the appointment. This includes sinks, faucets, dispensers, appliances, etc. Your countertop should be clear of all items for an accurate measurement. Your template appointment may require up to 2 hours, and the final price of your countertop project will be determined after the template has been completed and your salesperson has field verified the measurements against your estimate. The template supersedes all previous drawings provided or discussed.  
Make sure your countertop is clear of all items prior to your template appointment. 


Additionally, you may be asked to make a decision on some or all of the following items; 
Supports are required for overhangs over certain sizes depending on the material selected. If you elect to install your own overhang supports, you must install brackets or corbels prior to the template appointment per MIA standards found here found here on page 23.

Window and door casings will not be altered to accommodate the new countertop. The countertop will be notched to accommodate the casing. If you do not want the countertop notched around the casing, the casing must be altered prior to the template appointment. 
Farm-style or apron front sinks must be installed in the cabinet prior to the template appointment. For undermount sinks, review the choices and ensure your paperwork reflects the sink reveal you select. 
Stonewood Granite advises against reusing old plumbing fixtures with your new countertop because of the possibility of damage upon removal. This includes but is not limited to the sink, faucet and disposer. No warranty is provided when you reuse the old fixtures. Changes to existing plumbing locations are not part of the standard reconnect. If Stonewood Granite is contracted to do the plumbing work, we will not be responsible for leaking or damaged used plumbing fixtures. If a new product is purchased, we can return to disconnect the old fixture and reconnect the new for the standard reconnect charge. 
All cabinetry and end panels must be completely and permanently installed, structurally sound, plumb, level and secured to the wall and/or floor. Level is defined as to within 1/8 inch in a 10-foot span. 
Wall surfaces that are receiving backsplashes must also be plumb and within 1/8 inch of a true plane when measured across a distance of 10 feet. 

Stonewood Granite will make every effort to leave your existing countertop in place until installation; however, there are rare instances where removal of your existing countertop is necessary to create an accurate template. If this occurs, you will need to remove your countertop, backsplash and other wall treatments if you do not wish to incur costs to have Stonewood Granite perform removal. In any event requiring removal, you may be without the use of your sink, cooktop and countertop until installation. 
Your template appointment may require up to 2 hours, and the final price of your countertop project will be determined after the template has been field verified by your Stonewood.

Any changes after the template may require another template appointment and is highly discouraged; additional charges may apply to re-template, re-program, or re-cut your project.  


This is the time to review your project details and determine any special installation requirements. The salesperson will explain any variances in measurements from your initial estimate and ask you to sign documents approving all details of the countertop order, including seams and cutouts.  

Seam placement can be discussed during the template appointment; however the placement is largely dependent on slab size, stability, and installation safety. Additional seams may be required based on the ability to maneuver a piece into position at the installation site.  Final seam placement is at the discretion of Stonewood Granite. Seam locations discussed prior to template may be moved or eliminated. Stonewood Granite will never add additional undiscussed seams after template without your approval.  

Our template technician may take possession of undermount sinks to ensure an accurate cut out for the sink opening. 
Once approval of the post-template quote is received, Stonewood Granite will then proceed to schedule production and installation dates.  
Your countertop is manufactured based on the template. Any changes after the template may require another template appointment; additional charges may apply. You or your designated decision maker (over age 18) must be present during the entire template process to make design decisions and/or sign any potentially required documents needed to proceed. 



The computer file generated by the laser-template is then entered into the software that communicates with the CNC machines and your stone is precisely cut to fit your cabinets. After cutting, the stone (granite or quartz) then moves to the fabricator.  This step is polishing; your stone now has a permanent shape. This phase is simply for making the cut edges perfectly smooth and giving them shine.



Once your countertop has been fabricated, our team will contact you to verify your installation time-frame within 48hrs of the given installation date. 


Power and applicable climate control is required at the installation site.  

Make sure the countertop installation appointment does not conflict with other work being done in your home.  

All new appliances must be on-site for reference but NOT installed.  

Pull existing appliances away from the work area. There is a risk of damage to the floors and appliances, so our team does not move appliances. In the event that Stonewood Granite is forced to move appliances in order to proceed with installation, Stonewood Granite cannot be held responsible should any damages occur.  


Dust can be created in the work area - Cover living areas and adjacent doors. 

Remove all base cabinet contents, drawers and breakables from the installation areas 


Create a clear path from your driveway through your home for easy access to the installation area. During inclement weather involving snow and ice we ask that the path to the install area be clear. 

Plumbing, gas and electric disconnection  

If you elect to coordinate your own plumbing and electrical disconnect/reconnect, plumbing, gas and/or electrical connections must be disconnected prior to the installation appointment.  


Final wall preparation should NOT be completed prior to installation as scratches to the wall may occur during installation. This includes painting, installing wallpaper, final sheetrock sanding, etc. Care will be exercised during the installation but scrapes, punctures, and/or dings to wall surfaces may occur. Tight tolerances in wall to wall applications can often cause scrapes - if this is of concern to you, please notify your salesperson. We can undersize the top, but this can create gaps that are out of Stonewood Granite standards. Scratches and/or scrapes to cabinetry may also occur. Any existing backsplash may also be damaged; these items are your responsibility to repair. 


The installation process takes an average of 1 to 2 days to complete, including any plumbing disconnect/reconnect. The typical countertop installation requires 3 to 6 hours. Here is what you can expect during the installation of your countertops:  


There may be loud noises and the use of basic power tools outside your home (most likely in your driveway). If you elect for Stonewood Granite to remove and haul away your old countertops, this is a demolition process as mentioned earlier. Some minor damage to walls, existing tile backsplashes, and/or cabinets may occur. This is your responsibility to repair.  


Some cutouts may be partially or completely created in your home after installing your countertop. This is done to ensure safe handling and/or the best placement of the cutout. Material from sink and cooktop cutouts are not left behind. 


Shims are commonly used to level the countertop. Shims may be wood or plastic. In some situations, trim molding may be required to cover exposed shims. Most customers make the call to trim over the gap left by shims post-installation.


Your countertop is secured to the cabinets or substrate using common construction adhesives like caulk or silicone. There may be odor from the caulk and solvents used to clean your new countertop.  

Your countertop is positioned into place either manually or using commercially available counter-alignment tools. Seams are typically filled to the level of the top of the surface and are typically filled with polyester resin, epoxy resin, elastomeric sealant or grout. Joint width at seams and visible material transitions is typically 1/8 inch. Material transitions include the joint between the countertop and other materials like cabinets and wallboard. The joint between a full-height backsplash and the underside of the upper cabinets may be up to ¼ inch. Due to the unevenness of finished walls, gaps between the countertop surface and backsplash may not be consistent and will not exceed ½ inch. Additional seams in a full-height backsplash may be required where the wall is not straight.  


If your installation includes a full-height backsplash, measurements for the backsplash will be taken after countertop installation. Upper cabinets and range hood/microwave combinations must be installed prior to measuring for the full-height backsplash to secure the best fit.  


Upon completion, our install team will remove all installation-related debris and return the installation area to broom-clean condition.  


Your install team will conduct a final inspection with you. You will be asked to sign an approval form, confirming your satisfaction with the quality, fit and condition of the countertop. This is the best time to ask any questions and/ or resolve any problems prior to the install team leaving. 


If you elect for your Stonewood Granite to remove and haul away your old countertops, there is a demolition process. Some minor damage to walls, existing tile backsplashes, and/or cabinets may occur. It seems cold, but this is your responsibility to repair.  


If you elect to perform your own removal and haul away on your old countertop, do not remove your old countertop until Stonewood Granite has reached out with your arrival time 48 hours prior to installation. Your old countertop must be removed and hauled away prior to the installation appointment, and any protruding screws or items otherwise impeding installation of the new countertop must be removed. 

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We want to hear about your experience when your project is complete, good or bad.  This helps us ensure your satisfaction and determines if we have areas that are in need of improvement.   Please feel free to leave feedback or a review about your experience on Google below.  You may also send testimonials or feedback to:  Attn:  Office Manager, Stonewood Granite, 401 Action Rd., Odessa MO 64076. 

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