Quartz Countertops

About Quartz Countertops

The process to convert quartz to a slab/countertop was patented by Breton, an Italian company, and is used by all companies which manufacture engineered stone. This manufacturing process uses raw quartz crystals ranging in size from coarse grains to the size of rock salt. Once the quartz is ground and selected, the crystals are combined with bonding agents (resin) and color, then heated and compacted to form an impenetrable surface. The resulting slabs are a matrix of 93% quartz and 7% resin binders and pigments.

Industry wide, all quartz countertops are made with 93 percent quartz or they cannot claim the hardness, durability, or impermeability of a true quartz surface. The prescribed mixture results in a product that is non-porous and exceedingly durable.

Quartz appeals to those who like the consistency in color and pattern they may not get in granite or marble.   We work with brands such as Silestone and Caesarstone

How is quartz different from granite?

In addition to these “name brand” quartz products, many companies manufacture their own exceptional quartz products lines. Please click on the links below to the view our distributors’ current quartz products and inventory:


METROQUARTZ by Architectural Surfaces, Lenexa, KS

Q™ Quartz by MS International, Lenexa, KS 

ELLIPSE QUARTZ by Unique Stone Concepts, Lenexa, KS